Political communications / Public Affairs

Challenges for companies arise from the interactions between business and politics. Only those who know the rules of the game of business and politics can successfully contest political communication and thus make optimal use of their public relations.

That is why we offer our clients well thought-out, strategically designed solutions in the field of political communication / public affairs. Public affairs means representing interests in a political context. To this end, we offer expertise in political monitoring and corporate social responsibility (CSR) issues as our core competencies, in addition to methods of classic public relations work. To this end, we analyze the legal and regulatory environment of our clients and monitor developments at federal, state and European level. Our success is based on our large network of key contacts in Berlin and the federal states as well as in Brussels, which enables us to obtain the best information.

We help our clients communicate effective messages to decision-makers and set expectations that influence the decision-making process in Germany and Europe.

We design effective and creative lobbying strategies with our clients to enhance their reputation, manage issues and engage with stakeholders.


Thanks to Jürgen Klimke’s team, we maintain good contacts with politicians of various persuasions at state and federal level as well as with European committees and key offices, in addition to our experience in foreign, development and economic policy. We also have many years of experience in public relations and in working with a wide range of companies and associations, including classic press work and political communication in the political and social environment.

Furthermore, we are organized in the global network PRGN.