Future trends in the transformation of society

Will digitalisation make life better and people happier? Will fears about the future develop? How will relationships change? Will friendship become more important or is the partner more important? Will lack of contact lead to mass solitude?

Prof. Dr. Horst W. Opaschowski, member of our supervisory board, asked himself these controversial questions on 07.11.19 as the closing speaker of the event “(Gem)einsame Stadt? Soziale Isolation in der alternden Gesellschaft” by the Körber Foundation. The questions were subdivided into “10 commandments of the 21st century”.

In his speech, Opaschowski dealt with new future trends in the changing society and formed various theories. It was based on his current book “Wissen was wird – Eine kleine Geschichte der Zukunft Deutschlands” (“Knowledge that will become – a small history of Germany’s future”). The audience – and we at IC – were enthusiastic about his view of the future.

The complete speech “Körber Demography Symposium 2019: …what holds us together” by Prof. Dr. Opaschowski on Youtube: